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APC 8 x 4.5 Multi-Rotor Propeller

APC 8 x 4.5 Multi-Rotor Propeller

Ref: E-LP08045MR

Brand: APC

APC 8 x 4.5" Multi-Rotor Propeller

The MR propellers have been designed by APC specifically for Multi-Rotor applications. These propellers bridge the gap between the APC Thin Electric propellers and APC Slow Flyer propellers. The ‘MR’ propellers are lighter than the APC Thin Electrics and have a higher RPM capability than the APC Slow Flyers.


Hub Diameter: 16.5mm (0.65")

Hub Thickness: 8.6mm (0.34")

RPM Limit: 13,125 rpm

Weight: 9g (0.32 oz.)

Shaft dia: 6.35mm (0.25")

Price: £2.60 (Including VAT at 20%)

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