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Aventus Glider

Aventus Glider Laser Pack
Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 1Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 2Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 3Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 4Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 5

Aventus Glider Laser Pack

Ref: AventusLP

Brand: RC World Ltd

RC World are keeping things traditional with the release of the Aventus glider. A true builders model with laser cut ply and balsa parts.

Suitable for the intermediate builder and flyer, the Aventus has been designed and tested in house by RC World and part of our new range of aircraft.

The Aventus is great at penetrating through the wind at the slope, aerobatics are effortless and a joy, the slow speed handling is still authorative on the controls and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

There is a built in towing release in the nose section for aerotowing from flat fields, making the Aventus far more versatile than just a slope soarer.

Wingspan 69" 1752mm

Fuselage length 45.5" 1156mm

The Aventus glider laser pack contains all the laser cut items required to build the glider along with a build manual.

Additional sheet and strip balsa is required which can be found below. We have seperated this from the kit as most builders will already have stock of balsa in the workshop.

Price: £47.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Aventus Balsa Pack

Aventus Balsa Pack

Ref: AventusBP

Brand: RC World Ltd

Aventus balsa pack includes the sheet and strip items to complete the Aventus glider.

4x 3/32x4x36 sheet for wing skin

2x 3/32x3x36 sheet wing skin

2x 3/16x4x36 Fuz Skin

2x 3/8x1 1/2x36 Trailing Edge for Ailerons

2x 1/4x1/4x36" Strip Trailing Edge

2x 5/16x1/8”x36 Leading edge Strip

2x 3/8x1/8x36” Leading edge Strip

Price: £22.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Aventus Hardware Pack

Aventus Hardware Pack

Ref: AventusHWP

Brand: RC World Ltd

Hardware on models is a personal choice, We have detailed below what we have used on our inhouse models

The Aventus hardware pack includes-

2x Snakes white outer orange inner

1x Pack4 M2 Inserts for snakes

1x Pair V Tail horns

1x Pack 7 M2 Metal Clevis - 4x tail, 2x ailerons 1x release

3x M2 pushrods - 2x Ailerons 1x Release

1x Pk7 M2 Brass nuts for clevis

1x M5x25 Metal Wing bolt

1x M5 Penny washer for wing bolt

1x M5 Blind nut

1x Canopy latch

1x 6mm Wing seat tape

1x Pk12 CA Hinges 4x each aileron 2x each tail surface

2x Pack 2 Control Horn Small for Ailerons

Price: £14.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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