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BarnYard 62

BarnYard 62


Wing Span - 100"

Length 72"

Weight - 9-10kg dependent on engine and setup

Channels - Min 7. Ail, Ele, Thr, Rud, Flap, Tow Release, Ignition and or choke

Servos - 2x Aileron, 2x Elevator, 1xThrottle, 1xChoke (if needed), 1x Rudder, 2x Flaps, 1x Tow Release. There is also space at the rear to fit a mini servo for tail wheel steering if required.


Pre cut servo position for towline release

Removable tail for easy storage and transport

Two piece wing with simple fitting

Easy engine access - two bolts to remove the cowl without the need to remove the prop and spinner

Multiple servo layout options that covers a variaty of installs.

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