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Carbon Effect Spinners

CarbonFX Spinners Details

These spinners feature a realistic carbon effect finish without the hefty price tag of real carbon. With a lightweight, machined aluminium backplate, you know this is a high quality spinner as soon as you see it. With no backplate flex, it will run true and stay in shape season after season. It also has a unique 'easy-trim' feature where the material around each propeller cutout is thinned to half the thickness of the surrounding material to make trimming to suit different blade shapes easy.

38mm Carbon FX Spinner

SKU: E-IRVSPIN38Carbonfx
 in stock

RRP 11.99 You Save 10%
10.80  each

45mm Carbon FX Spinner

SKU: E-IRVSPIN45Carbonfx
 in stock

RRP 12.99 You Save 13%
11.30  each

51mm Carbon FX Spinner

SKU: E-IRVSPIN51Carbonfx
 in stock

RRP 13.99 You Save 13%
12.20  each

82mm Carbon FX Spinner

SKU: E-IRVSPIN82Carbonfx
 in stock

RRP 21.75 You Save 10%
19.50  each

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