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Deluxe Lightweight Carbon Tissue

Deluxe Lightweight Carbon Tissue

Ref: S-FG7

Brand: Deluxe Materials

Deluxe Materials Carbon Fibre Tissue is a specially developed carbon fabric for surfacing and strengthening lightweight materials such as balsa, ply and foam. It is rapidly bonded with thin glues such as Roket Hot, or laminating resins such as Eze Kote or Eze Dope and Aeropoxy. It is not designed for tissue covering of models but is perfect for reinforcing and strengthening tasks.

Use Superlight Carbon Fibre Tissue when:

• Reinforcing undercarriage mounts

• Strengthening wing joints and servo trays

Weight: 10g/sq metre (0.3oz/sq yd)

Dimensions: 75 x 33cm (30” x 13”) Approx

Price: £12.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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