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Easycoat Bright Red Seconds 5 Meter Roll

Easycoat Bright Red Seconds 5 Meter Roll

Ref: ORA40-022-005

Brand: Easycoat

Easycoat Bright Red Seconds 5 Meter Roll, please note this is more like an orange as per the picture.

Key Features

Iron on or heat-gunned

Excellent shrinking qualities and extremely easy application.

Will need approx. 80deg - 100degC. At this temperature EASYCOAT will keep its dimensions relatively constant.

Product Description

Easycoat "Seconds" have some slight imperfections. The German manufacturing process has extremely high manufacturing standards so slight imperfections are rejected but made available in the "Seconds" range. Small sections of the roll may not meet the standards of the exacting modeller and may need to be rejected, but the majority of the roll will be indistinguishable from the standard Easycoat.

Price: £9.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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