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Electrospeed Boost 30 Power Pack Motor and ESC Combo

Electrospeed Boost 30 Power Pack Motor and ESC Combo
Electrospeed Boost 30 Power Pack Motor and ESC Combo - view 1Electrospeed Boost 30 Power Pack Motor and ESC Combo - view 2Electrospeed Boost 30 Power Pack Motor and ESC Combo - view 3Electrospeed Boost 30 Power Pack Motor and ESC Combo - view 4

Ref: ELE002

Brand: Electrospeed

Electrospeed Boost 30 Power Pack


• 1 x Electrospeed 2830/09 1300KV Brushless Motor

• 1 x Electrospeed XP2 30A BEC Brushless ESC

Brushless Outrunner RC Motor Electrospeed 2830/09 1300kv


• 210 watt motor

• 6 - 12 NiMh cells

• 2 - 4 LiPo cells

• Prop size from 9in (larger prop with less cells)

• Shaft Diameter 3.2mm Shaft

• Motor weight 60g

• Speed Controller Recommended 30A ESC

Electrospeed 2830/09 1300KV

The sheer power of Electrospeed brushless motors far exceeds many motors costing 2 - 3 times their price. All of the Electrospeed motors are manufactured to demanding standards, using the finest quality components. Our High Tech manufacturer uses state of the art CNC machine tools, giving the unique Electrospeed design, this design means a lower weight motor with our black finish for better heat dissipation.

Every component of the motors are manufactured from the highest quality materials, only the best Neodym magnets are used along with special high temperature wire for windings, giving these motors reliability normally associated with much more expensive products.

Electrospeed motors are designed to provide reliable power for your model at respectable prices, a total performance package when used in conjunction with our XP2 Speed Controllers.

Technical Specifications

• Length inc shaft: 43mm

• Width: 28mm

• Depth: 30mm

• Weight: 60g

• Propeller size range: From 9 x 6in

• Inrunner/Outrunner: Outrunner

• KV: 0 - 1300

• Motor Diameter: 28mm

Electrospeed XP2 30A Brushless Esc RTF Speed Controller

Fitted with Deans connector for the battery and 3.2mm gold connectors for the motor.

This series of speed controllers have high technology and perfect function. Aimed at none-hall, direct current brushless motors, several parameters can be set through a programming card or key on the ESC and are convenient to use.

XP2 30A Brushless Speed Controller Features:

• Full protection feature including low voltage, over-heat, throttle signal loss, startup protection and self-check.

• Compatible with most sensor less brushless motors.

• Excellent startup performance, linear throttle and quick throttle response.

• Highest supported motor speed 210,000RPM (2 poles), 70,000RPM (6 poles) and 35,000(12 poles).

• Easily configured with programming card.

• System can automatically detect throttle neutral point.

• 3 timing modes can match different motors.

• 3 modes of start force adjustment.

• Governor mode for heli

• Reverse motor direction


• Low resistance PCB

• Input Voltage: Support 2-3 cell Li-Po, 5- 9 Nimh

• Continue current: 30A, (Burst max 40A 10 secs)

• BEC output: 2A/5V

• Dimensions: 42 x 25 x 8 mm

• Weight: 23g

• Blue Motor Wire 14AWG

• Red and Black Battery Wire 12AWG

Price: £44.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

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