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FMS Fox ARTF Glider 3000mm

FMS Fox ARTF Glider 3000mm
FMS Fox ARTF Glider 3000mm - view 1FMS Fox ARTF Glider 3000mm - view 2

Ref: FMS107P

Brand: FMS

FMS Fox ARTF Glider 3000mm

FMS bring you this impressive 3000mm FOX!

We developed this airplane to the utmost of our capacity , committing to make it a classic aerobatic glider. The FMS 3000mm FOX is really an eye-catching work. It features FMS’ largest wing size for the finest flying capacity , advanced screw-free snap design (except for prop assembly) improving the convenience and compactness and allowing quick and easy installation and dismantle, a sense of spirituality appearance from domestic and foreign professional designers awesomely echoing its name. Powered with 3000mm FOX is Predator 4258 size motor, 60AESC, when paired with a 6S battery, unleashes a powerhouse of thrust.

In the meantime, the high torque 23G servos ensures large control surface throw for a new level of high maneuverable performance. Positive and negative loops, stall turns, point rolls and inverted flight can be easily and excellently performed, making it suitable for a wide range of pilots. Go get this fantastic FMS 3000mm FOX to the sky and discover for yourself its infinite possibilities.

FMS 3000mm 118" Fox Glider Features:

Large Wingspan

Powerful 4258 Size Motor, Predator 60A ESC

High torque 23G metal servos

Screw-free snap construction (except for prop assembly)

Fast assembly time

A 5 second quick-release wing, easily portable airframe

6S 5000mAh battery allows for around 30 minute flight time

Functional Flaps

Folded Propeller


Wingspan: 3000mm

Overall Length: 1873mm

Flying Weight: 4700g

Motor Size: 4258

ESC: 60A

Servo: 23g Servo x 6

Radio: 6 Channel

CG (center of gravity): 90-95mm(From Leading Edge)

Prop Size: 15*7.5

Battery Connector: XT-90

Aileron: Yes

Elevator: Yes

Rudder: Yes

Flaps: Yes

Retracts: No

Approx. Flying Duration: 30min

Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+

Experience Level: Intermediate

Recommended Environment: Outdoor

Assembly Time: 15 minutes

Material: Durable EPO

Price: £405.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 479.99 - you save 16%

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