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Futaba Receiver Power Regulator

Futaba Receiver Power Regulator
Futaba Receiver Power Regulator - view 1Futaba Receiver Power Regulator - view 2

Ref: P-RPS-10

Brand: Futaba

Perfect for those wanting to take advantage of the light weight and high capacities of the latest Li-Po and Li-Fe battery packs, but running 4.8-6.0v receivers and servos, the new PS-10 voltage regulator from Futaba converts input voltages from 6.0v to 12.6v to a constant 5.2v output to the receiver/servos, with a maximum continuous current of 7.0Amps and peak of 13.0Amps. A bonus is the increase in receiver/servo reliability due to the non varying nature of the output voltage, eliminating the high initial peak voltage of a freshly charged battery.

Price: £69.50 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 74.99 - you save 7%

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