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Hacker Eraser V3 EPP Kit

Hacker Eraser V3 EPP Kit


Brand: Hacker

Hacker Eraser V3 EPP Kit

The "Eraser V3 EPP" represents the next generation of the highly successful "RT Eraser five". The EPP construction, extremely stiff and light and nevertheless almost unbreakable, was designed by the repeated German F3A champion Robin Trumpp. With the "Eraser V3 EPP" everybody gets the chance to experience a technically mature masterpiece - whether you are beginner or expert.


Wingspan: 82 cm

Length: 90 cm

Weight: ~ 155g (incl. 350mAh Lipo 2S 7,4V)

Recommended Setup: items not included with kit price.

Motor: Hacker A10-7L or similar

ESC: Hacker X-7 Pro or similar

Prop: GWS 8x4,3 or similar

Battery: Hacker ECO-X 350mAh 2S or similar

Price: £45.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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