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Hanger 9 Aluminium Servo Arm 1.5" JR

Hanger 9 Aluminium Servo Arm 1.5

Ref: HAN9154

Brand: Hanger 9

  • Accurate attachment to the spline- Insures no slop surface movement
  • Spline-Loc insures a no-worry connection to the servo locks in place two ways, at the spline and with the servo attachment screw
  • Black powder coated finish- Maintains a quality look and finish
  • Distance from the centre to the outer holes is 1.5" and the distance to the inner holes is 1.25"
  • Threaded with 4-40UNC, 4-40 Nut bolt and washer supplied for mounting a control rod

Price: £5.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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