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Model Technics 3D Glow Plug

Model Technics 3D Glow Plug

Ref: 5508947

Brand: Model Technics

Introduced in 2008, Model Technics - one of the most highly respected plug manufacturers - added the 3D Plug to their range. Specially designed for 3D flying, the plug body has an extended nose (like a 4-stroke plug) to limit the quantity of fuel globules finding their way into the plug chamber.

This same extended nose helps make the 3D Plug a perfect solution to the running problems associated with inverted 2-stroke engines as it stops liquid fuel build-up running into the plug chamber.

Perfect for 3D flying and inverted engines. Providing a reliable tickover and good throttle response

Price: £6.70 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 7.5 - you save 11%

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