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OS GF30 Petrol with F-6040 Silencer

OS GF30 Petrol with F-6040 Silencer
OS GF30 Petrol with F-6040 Silencer - view 1OS GF30 Petrol with F-6040 Silencer - view 2OS GF30 Petrol with F-6040 Silencer - view 3

Ref: L-OS3A000

Brand: OS

OS GF-30 Petrol with F-6040 Silencer

Following on from the success of the GT40, the new GF30 is designed for use in 1.20~1.50 glow or 20cc petrol class aircraft. As a four-stroke petrol engine the GF30 features impressive throttle response, torque, fuel efficiency and a superb sound that is especially suited to scale aircraft.

For optimum running in all attitudes the GF30 features a PD-08 fuel pump and to reduce the weight of your model the lightweight IG-07 ignition can even run on 2s Li-Po power. The crankcase is compact and has been designed to fit in the same space as an OS GT22, helping to keep your installation sleek.

• Compact dimensions (same as GT22)

• Impressive fuel efficiency

• PD-08 fuel pump

• IG-07 ignition suitable for 2S Li-Po

• Sound suited to scale models

Example Propeller Performance:

16 x 10" @ 8,500 rpm

17 x 8" @ 8,400 rpm

17 x 10" @ 7,750 rpm

18 x 6W" @ 8,300 rpm

18 x 8" @ 8,050 rpm


Weight: 990g (34.92oz), Silencer 113g, Ignitor 95g

Displacement: 1.827 cu.in. (29.94cc)

Bore: 38mm (1.496")

Stroke: 26.4mm (1.039")

Power Output: 2.76hp (2.8ps) @ 9,000 rpm

Practical RPM: 1,800 - 9,000rpm

Price: £552.50 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 614.99 - you save 10%

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