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Opti Protect 2 Stroke Oil 200mls

Opti Protect 2 Stroke Oil 200mls

Ref: OptiProtect

Brand: Opti Fuel

Opti Protect 2 Stroke Oil 200mls

Use Optiprotect 2-Stroke One Shot Engine Oil in your large-scale engine to eliminate guesswork and lubricate your engine perfectly!

Just empty the whole bottle into a 5-litre petrol can for the perfect 25-to-1 mixture, allowing you to get running fast and easy!

Klotz quality synthetic formula specific to each application

Ideal viscosity custom-tailored for each particular use

Easy to use and apply

Top OptiFuel brand and Klotz quality combined in one top-quality product

Convenient multi-pack display packages

Price: £5.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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