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Quantum II 25 SPEED Brushless Motor

Quantum II 25 SPEED Brushless Motor

Ref: M-Q2-25S

Brand: Quantum

Quantum II 25 SPEED Brushless Motor

This is a higher RPM, Speed version of the Quantum II 25 motor for high power/speed flight. It is ideally suited to the Ripmax Easy Street II with either 3S or 4S Li-Po batteries. Due to the higher current this motor requires, it needs a 60A ESC rather than the 40A ESC used on the standard version.

On 3S it works well wirth a 10" x 7" E APC propeller but if you want more performance we suggest a 9"x 7.5" E APC propeller on 4S for some extra punch!


Connectors: Gold 3.5mm Bullets

Length: 42mm

Weight: 155g

LiPo: 2 - 4S

Speed Controller: 60A (Rec.)

Diameter: 35mm

KV RPM: 1200

Shaft dia: 4mm

Prop thread M6

Prop Range 9x7.5 - 10x7

Price: £28.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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