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Ripmax Power Supply 13.8v 30A 415W TwinOut

Ripmax Power Supply 13.8v 30A 415W TwinOut

Ref: O-IP2003

Brand: Ripmax

Ripmax Power Supply 13.8v 30A 415W TwinOut

The flexible, dual-output, 13.8v, 415W power supply is a high quality switch mode power supply with a smooth output current, making it suitable for use with almost all DC input chargers on the market. The dual, 4mm outputs also have screw-clamp outputs, allowing flexibility in the way that external units like chargers are connected. With a useful 30A and 415W of power output, this power supply can be used as a stable source of DC output that is suitable for chargers or even testing smaller motors when the ESC is direct connected. By having a stable current, it is easier to understand motor performance when varying propellers etc.

Please note the amp and watt ratings is the sum across both ports not for each port.

Price: £58.50 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 79.99 - you save 27%

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