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RotaCraft 60pc Cutting and Grinding Set

RotaCraft 60pc Cutting and Grinding Set

Ref: 5533226

Brand: RotaCraft

RotaCraft 60pc Cutting and Grinding Set

Key Features

Also includes diamond cutting blades

Ideal for various cutting and preparotory tasks on smaller work pieces

Includes carborundum sltting discs, mini steel circular saw blades

Includes grinding stones and wheels and reinforced cutting discs

Rotary tool accessories to fit all mini rotary tools

Shaft diameters 2.35 - 3.2mm

What's in the Box

2 diamond discs 22mm

2 diamond discs 15mm

2 circular saw blades 22mm

2 circular saw blades 15mm

5 carborundum cutting discs 30mm

6 grinding stones 3mm - 2 round, 2 wheel, 2 cylinder

5 grinding stones 2.35mm - 1 each (round, wheel, taper, cylinder, reverse taper)

4 coarse 20mm grinding wheels

4 fine grinding wheels 20mm

25 carborundum cutting discs 22mm

3 mandrels 3.2mm

Price: £13.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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