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SLEC Handy Clamps Pk4

SLEC Handy Clamps Pk4

Ref: SL084

Brand: SLEC

A pack of 4 clamps from SLEC, Requires small elastic bands.

Lots of uses for these rather "Handy Clamps". Here is that third hand you always seem to need when modelling. They are tensioned with rubber bands and fully adjustable. The little hand on the shank makes the clamp sit level & upright on the building board and two or three together can be used as jigs etc. The maximum jaw opening is 2.1/4" (56mm), it also has the added feature of a lockable jaw allowing it to be set in position. Spare bands available in packs. 4 per Pkt

Price: £1.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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