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Seagull Arising Star Trainer

Seagull Arising Star 40-46 Trainer

Seagull Arising Star 40-46 Trainer

Ref: 5500182

Brand: Seagull

Monstrously easy to fly, this is the ultimate BIG trainer!

Thanks to the enormous light wing loading and forgiving aerofoil, the new, precision laser-cut Arising Star handles like a big fluffy pussycat and is many times easier to see, control and land safely than other smaller aircraft. You really will be amazed!

Open the big, colourful box and you’ll find immaculately finished, clear photoillustrated instruction manual, hardware bag including lightweight machined wheels, spinner, linkages, fuel tank, just add engine, R/C and starting accessories or choose one of the package deals available

Like all Seagull Models, it’s factory-built, laser-cut, incredibly strong and looks fantastic.

  • Wingspan - 63ins (160cm)
  • Wing area - 645 sq.ins (41.6 dm.sq)
  • Suits - 40-46 2-stroke. (52 4-Stroke)
  • 4 channel RC with 4 servos
  • Skill Level - Beginner
  • Approx flying weight - 5-6lb (2.3-2.7kg)

Price: £97.50 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 109.99 - you save 11%

PDF Instructions

Arising Star Nose Leg

Arising Star Nose Leg

Ref: SGAS002

Brand: JP

Replacement Arising Star Nose Leg

Price: £1.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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