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Sigma EQ Evo AC DC Charger 50w

Sigma EQ Evo AC DC Charger 50w
Sigma EQ Evo AC DC Charger 50w - view 1Sigma EQ Evo AC DC Charger 50w - view 2Sigma EQ Evo AC DC Charger 50w - view 3

Ref: O-IP3045

Brand: Sigma

Sigma EQ Evo AC DC Charger 50w

The Sigma EQ Mini established itself as one of the most popular chargers on the market and its replacement, the Sigma EQ Evo, is destined to offer even more yet retain the same general price level.

The new, larger plastic case follows the same generic and modern style as other ‘new generation’ Sigma EQ chargers but packs in even more features and power. With a class-leading 50W charging power capability and the ability to charge up to 6 cell Lithium batteries, the new ‘Evo’ is a jump forward from the ‘Mini’. The cell count for Nimh, Nicad and Pb batteries is

also increased in a similar way. The charge current can now be up to 5A (within the 50 W limit) and the internal balancing circuitry can display the individual cell voltages constantly if required.

The ability to charge Li-HV batteries has been added to the array of Lithium charging regimes as has the function of ‘non-balance’ and ‘fast charging’, a shortened process for when you are in a hurry. Other features usually found in higher level chargers have also been added such as:

• 20 Charge Memories

• Capacity Limit Control

• Processing Time Limit

• Battery Temperature Limit Cut (Using Optional Sensor)

• Low Input Voltage Cut

• Nimh/Nicad Delta Peak Limit Change


LiFe: 1 - 6 Series

PB: 2-20V

Charge Current: 0.1 - 5A

Input Voltage: 11 - 18.0V DC (100 - 240V AC (50 - 60Hz))

Weight: 591g

Dimensions: 180 x 145 x 57mm

LiPo: 1 - 6 Series

NiCad/Ni-MH: 1 - 16 Cells

Power Output: 50W

Price: £31.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

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