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Simple Cub Speed-build Kit with MakerFoam 956mm

Simple Cub Speed-build Kit with MakerFoam 956mm

Ref: FLT1072

Brand: Flite Test

Simple Cub Speed-build Kit

Material - Maker Foam

Wingspan - 956mm

Adopting the new, clean, white MakerFoam, the Simple Cub is both quick to build and easy to fly. In its most simple form just 11 separate pieces of foam is all there is to the airframe of this desirable little model which, of course, makes for a delightfully speedy build time (under 2 hours). But there’s more. Much more. Designed with versatility at its heart the FT Simple Cub offers its builder the option of upgrading from basic 3-channel (rudder, elevator and throttle) control to 4-channel (rudder, elevator, aileron and throttle) without building a new wing. What’s more, in keeping with the Flite Test philosophy, the aileron modification only takes 15 minutes to add and opens up a world of new options such as flaperons and, of course, aerobatics.

If dropping foam bombs for target practice is something you fancy trying then note that the same aileron servos can double as drop mechanisms. Fly it as a trainer, add the optional floats, or just remove the undercarriage for rough field flying, this one does it all, and does it effortlessly. Truth is, with its ease of build, versatility, rugged good looks, strength, superb flight characteristics and go-to appeal, this design is possibly the most rewarding to build, fly and modify of all the FT designs.

Key Features

Simple and quick to build.

Extra durable laser-cut MakerFoam parts.

The perfect trainer.

Suits both three- and four-channel radio.

Fully aerobatic.

Takes optional floats.

Can be painted for added appeal.

Banded wings make for convenient storage and transport.

Interchangeable power pod suits other FT designs.

What's in the Box

1x Laser-cut MakerFoam airframe parts set.

1x Ply firewall.

1x Pushrod set.

1x Control horn set.

1x Lollipop stick.

1x Throw gauge.

1x BBQ skewer set.

1x Hook and loop tape.

1x Rubber bands pack.

1x Specification sheet.

Needed to Complete

1x 2.4GHz transmitter / receiver combo.

2x 2.75" wheels (FLT2054).

1x Flite Test Power Pack B (see optional accessories) or...

1x 2212-1050KV brushless motor.

1x 9 x 4.5" propeller.

1x 35 amp ESC.

1x 3S 11.1V 1300mAh LiPo.

4x 9g micro servos (rudder / elevator / aileron control).


Wingspan (mm): 956

Weight (g): 283

No. of channels: 3 /4

Rec'd motor (KV): 1050

Rec'd battery (LiPo): 3S

Rec'd LiPo capacity (mAh): 1300

Price: £34.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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