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SolarSpan Details

Similar to Solarfilm but using a 50% thicker base film. Stronger than Solarfilm with smoother, glossier finish. Weight: 60-75 g.s.m. A multi layer-colour is between the film and adhesive, so covering can be removed without leaving colour on the wood, just by reheating and peeling off while hot. Has stronger adhesive for better seams and overlaps, especially when using Prymol Etch Primer.

Ideal for general sport R/C models, especially those with veneered foam wings and sheet balsa box fuselages, but especially suitable for larger models due to its increased strength. A thicker, stronger version of Solarfilm with a stronger adhesive. Easier to remove from model for repairs or recovering.

Violet Solarspan - 26x72

Violet Solarspan - 26x72"

Ref: T-F7/13

Brand: Solar Film

Violet Roll of Solarspan 26"x72"

Price: £7.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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