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ZAP Thread Locker Z-42 Blue 0.2oz PT42

ZAP Thread Locker Z-42 Blue 0.2oz PT42

Ref: PT42

Brand: ZAP

Medium strength, seals metal parts against vibration

Parts can later be disassembled with hand tools. Operating temperature -60f - 300f (-51c to 150c)

Z-42 Thread locker is an advanced anaerobic adhesive. It is liquid when in the presence of air, but when confined between metal components it cures rapidly and reliably providing strength and integrity.

  • Wipe parts to get rid of grease, oil and dirt, Assure that parts are clean and dry
  • Shake Well before use
  • Apply one drop to the threaded area of both parts to be locked or sealed
  • Assemble parts to required strength
  • Allow 24 hours to cure for maximum strength

Price: £2.70 (Including VAT at 20%)

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