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Zenoah 26 Titan ZG 26SC Petrol Engine

Zenoah 26 Titan ZG 26SC Petrol Engine

Ref: Zenoah26SC

Brand: Zenoah

Zenoah Titan ZG 26SC Petrol engine with magneto ignition


Capacity: 25.4 ccm

Bore: 34 mm

Stroke: 28 mm

Effective compression ratio: 8.8

Power: 2.2 hp with tuned pipe:3.0 hp

Weight:1425g less muffler and motor mount.


Walbro pump carburettor with choke and intake trumpet.

New cylinder for considerably more power and efficient cooling.

Very thin piston ring for minimal friction and maximum power.

Magneto-electronic ignition with separate power coil and ignition coil, giving maximum power and smooth running.

Small Champion spark plug RZ7C with 10 mm thread.

Compact diecast crankcase.

Double counterbalanced crankshaft, supported in three ballbearings. Needle roller bearings in conrod.

The Titan ZG 26SC is supplied with muffler, intake tube, carburettor servo linkage, motor mount and spark plug box spanner. The very detailed instructions provide the newcomer to petrol engines with a great deal of information and tips.

Recommended propellers are the Menz wood or Master Airscrew range 18x8", 18x6" and the 17x8".

A 500 cc tank with a cotton felt filter and fuel tubing is all you require to get in the air!

Use fully synthetic 2 stroke oil with unleaded petrol at a ratio of 50:1

Price: £289.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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