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Zenoah 38 Titan ZG38 SC with Choke Carburettor

Zenoah 38 Titan ZG38 SC with Choke Carburettor

Ref: 3800

Brand: Zenoah

TITAN ZG 38 SC with Choke Carburettor

CD Magneto ignition. M-shaped coil core making for easy hand starts and with automatic ignition advance.

Three piece double counter weight crankshaft with big and small ends of the conrod fitted with caged roller bearings.

Very thin fins for super efficient cooling.

Pegged rings to allow maximum size of transfer passages, exhaust and inlet porting.

The new and larger carburettor for more power and with integral choke for easier starting.

The ZG 38SC is very noteworthy for its clean die casting and neat appearance, its reliability and power to turn large propellers with ease. The rearward exhaust porting is very useful in that it allows close fitting cowls.

The very powerful ignition coil is fitted with a M-shaped core which means that by each turn of the flywheel the coil is charged twice, giving a very strong spark at even very low revs. There is also an automatic ignition timing advance, this coil makes for absolute ease of starting and very smoth idle.

The ZG 38SC is happiest with large propellers. The Menz 22x8" for large slow flying models and the 20x8", 20x9" and 20x10" for faster more aerobatic models use a 19x8 or 19x10.

To summarize the Titan ZG 38 is a very reliable and powerful engine and above all reasonably price. Although it is practically maintenance free it has a very long life.


Capacity: 38 cc

Bore: 38 mm

Stroke: 33 mm

Power: 2,6 hp

with tuned pipe: 3,2 hp

Weight: 1800 g without silencer and engine mount

Shipping weight: 2,40 Kg

Product weight: 2,40 Kg

Price: £289.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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