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Multiplex Zacki2 Elapor Glue 20g

Multiplex Zacki2 Elapor Glue 20g

Ref: 25592727

Brand: Multiplex

Multiplex Zacki2 Elapor Glue 20g

Key Features:

Final strength after ten minutes

Optimized for Elapor

Self-cleaning bottle

Product Description

Zacki2 ELAPOR 20g

Developed in close collaboration with a renowned German adhesive manufacturer, designed specifically for gluing ELAPOR® components. Naturally the material also sticks most other materials, excluding PTFE and silicone. The special formulation eliminates the need for "kicker" or activator - materials which are often injurious to health. After joining, initial bond strength is obtained in around thirty seconds; full strength in around ten minutes.

Joining surfaces must be close fitting, clean, dry, and free of grease and dust. Roughen surfaces slightly if necessary. Apply the glue to one surface in spots or lines. Note excessive glue doesnt increase joint strength it just extends the curing time.

Price: £6.10 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 6.9 - you save 12%

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