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AMASS XT90 Anti Spark Connector Pk2

AMASS XT90 Anti Spark Connector Pk2

Ref: O-FS-XT90S/02

Brand: Logic RC

AMASS XT90 Anti Spark Connector Pk2

The XT90S Anti-Spark connector is a gold plated shielded connector rated to 90A.

This pack includes 2 sets of XT90S anti-spark connectors.

The anti-spark connector allows a two stage connection to the speed controller. Initially the tip of the plug is connected to the battery, allowing it to slowly charge the capacitors in the speed controller via the resistor inside the connector. By the time the main body of the connector makes contact, the capacitors will be pre-charged to the battery voltage, avoiding any sparks.

Price: £6.98 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 7.99 - you save 13%

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