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Other Handy Tools

Curved Scissors and Tube Bender

7pc Plastic Syringes

SKU: RCW0062
 in stock

4.90  each

Four Prong Grabber Pick Up Tool

SKU: RCW0055
 in stock

RRP 3.99 You Save 12%
3.50  each

Hobby Hammer

SKU: T-TS852600
 in stock

RRP 5.80 You Save 28%
4.20  each

Funnel Set 4pce

SKU: T-TS282421
 in stock

1.30  each

Deburring Tool

SKU: T-TS282388
 in stock

2.99  each

Mini Anvil

SKU: T-TS595565
 in stock

4.50  each

Compass Cutter

SKU: T-TS782341
 in stock

2.80  each
RRP 22.99 You Save 15%
19.50  each

Tweezer Set 7pce

SKU: T-TS209144
 in stock

3.50  each
RRP 23.20 You Save 16%
19.50  each

Hinge Slotting Kit

SKU: T-MG616
 in stock

5.60  each
RRP 6.99 You Save 11%
6.20  each

Dubro Hinge Slotter Kit 4pcs

 in stock

RRP 18.99 You Save 13%
16.50  each

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