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Speed Controllers ESCs & UBECs


SKU: ZTW3001000010
 in stock

RRP 9.99 You Save 5%
9.50  each


SKU: ZTW300200010
 in stock

RRP 18.49 You Save 5%
17.50  each


SKU: ZTW300300010
 in stock

RRP 53.99 You Save 18%
44.50  each

ZTW ESC Air Program Card

SKU: ZTW110000010
 in stock

RRP 7.98 You Save 10%
7.20  each

ZTW G2 LED Program Card

SKU: ZTW1300011
 in stock

12.90  each

ZTW G2 LCD program card ESC

SKU: ZTW1400011
 in stock

26.70  each
RRP 25.00 You Save 13%
21.70  each

Ripmax Quantum 12A Brushless ESC

 in stock

RRP 14.99 You Save 6%
14.10  each
RRP 16.99 You Save 25%
12.80  each

Beatles 20A SBEC ESC G2 2-4 Cells

SKU: ZTW3020211
 in stock

17.80  each

Mantis G2 25A SBEC ESC 2-4 Cells

SKU: ZTW2025211
 in stock

25.70  each

Beatles 30A SBEC ESC G2 2-4 Cells

SKU: ZTW3030211
 in stock

20.50  each

Ripmax Quantum 30A Brushless ESC

 in stock

RRP 19.99 You Save 7%
18.50  each

Skywalker 40A V2 ESC

SKU: ESC-Skywalker40A
 in stock

18.30  each

Beatles 40A SBEC ESC G2 2-4 Cells

SKU: ZTW3040211
 in stock

22.50  each

Ripmax Quantum 40A SBEC Brushless ESC

 in stock

RRP 29.99 You Save 6%
28.20  each

Mantis G2 45A SBEC ESC 2-6 Cells

SKU: ZTW2045211
 in stock

43.70  each

Skywalker 50A V2 ESC

SKU: ESC-Skywalker50A
 in stock

22.70  each
RRP 35.99 You Save 9%
32.70  each

Skywalker 60A V2 ESC

SKU: ESC-Skywalker60A
 in stock

28.70  each

Beatles 60A SBEC ESC G2 2-6 Cells

SKU: ZTW3060211
 in stock

RRP 42.99 You Save 8%
39.70  each
RRP 42.95 You Save 10%
38.50  each

Mantis Slim 60A SBEC ESC 2-6 Cells

SKU: ZTW2060271
 in stock

RRP 53.99 You Save 10%
48.50  each

Mantis G2 65A SBEC ESC 2-6 Cells

SKU: ZTW2065211
 in stock

64.70  each

Skywalker 80A V2 ESC

SKU: ESC-Skywalker80A
 in stock

31.70  each
RRP 54.99 You Save 11%
48.80  each
RRP 59.95 You Save 19%
48.50  each

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