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Pliers, Z Bend Pliers

Side cutting, Long nose, End cutting and bent nose pliers. Heavy duty pliers and multi purpose sets

Mini Pliers Set 6pce

SKU: T-TS633889
 in stock

16.50  each

Bent Nose Mini Pliers 130mm

SKU: T-TS250360
 in stock

4.20  each

Side Cutting Mini Pliers 115mm

SKU: T-TS250367
 in stock

4.20  each

Needle Nose Mini Pliers 155mm

SKU: T-TS250388
 in stock

RRP 5.45 You Save 21%
4.30  each

Bowden Cable Wire Cutter 150mm

SKU: T-TS282516
 in stock

4.80  each

Long Reach Pliers 280mm

SKU: T-TS993033
 in stock

RRP 7.99 You Save 15%
6.80  each

Monkey Wrench 180mm

SKU: T-TS610799
 in stock

RRP 7.99 You Save 17%
6.60  each

Simple Ball Link Extractor

SKU: T-LG004
 in stock

3.50  each

Deluxe Ball Link Pliers

SKU: 6631065
 in stock

13.50  each

Deluxe Ball Link Pliers

SKU: T-LG005
 in stock

15.50  each

Z Bend Pliers

SKU: 5537318
 in stock

16.70  each

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