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LiPo Batteries

Lipo'S, LiFe's Usage and Postage

Please note will all batteries there will be a slight difference in cells voltage from manufacture which is expected, the first couple of balance charges and cycles should bring cells up to their spec in both voltage and capacity but please call us for advice should you feel that there is an issue with a batttery / cell.

Please note we are unable to send any LiPos or LiFe's outside of UK Mainland

LiPo Safety

Do not overcharge LiPos, Max volatage per cell is 4.2v - eg 12.6v for a 3S battery with a nominal voltage of 11.1v

Do not over-discharge. Never discharge a lipo battery below 3.0v per cell - eg 9.0v for a 3S battery with nominal voltage of 11.1v

Do not discharge at a rate greater than the maximum continuous discharge rate - eg 66A for a 30C 2200mAh battery

LiPo Safety 2

Do not use or charge if the battery is hot

Only use a charger designed for charging LiPo batteries

Avoid charging at a rate higher than 1C -eg 2.2A for a 2200mAh battery, ideally for the first 5 charges charge at 1/2 C or less

Do not leave in direct sunlight or in a hot car / storage area

LiPo Safety 3

Do not get wet or exposure to moisture

Do not short the battery

Only charge and dis-charge outdoors, on a fire resistant surface or in a fire safe container

Do not charge with reverse polarity

Do not operate or charge unattended

Do not solder directly onto the battery.

Avoid any impact to the battery