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Soldering Irons and Solder

Gas Soldering Iron

SKU: T-TS497837
 in stock

15.80  each

Electric Soldering Kit 9pce

SKU: T-TS845318
 in stock

RRP 46.00 You Save 16%
38.50  each

Soldering Jig

SKU: RCW0314
 in stock

4.50  each

Solder 1mm 60:40 Tin Lead

 in stock

2.30  each

Solder Roll 100g 60/40

 in stock

RRP 6.30 You Save 25%
4.70  each

Solder Sucker

SKU: T-TS633609
 in stock

3.50  each

Soldering Iron 25W 240v

SKU: T-TS643115
 in stock

7.98  each

Soldering Iron 40W 240v

SKU: T-TS263572
 in stock

8.70  each

Soldering Iron 60W **EU PLUG** 240v

SKU: T-TS503456
 in stock

RRP 12.98 You Save 36%
8.30  each

Soldering Iron 100W 240v

SKU: T-TS868784
 in stock

RRP 16.85 You Save 8%
15.50  each

Soldering Gun Kit 100w

SKU: T-TS349272
 in stock

18.50  each

Soldering Iron Stand

SKU: T-TS427552
 in stock

4.40  each

Butane Gas Torch

SKU: T-TS553079
 in stock

RRP 16.99 You Save 9%
15.50  each

Easy-Flo Silver Solder 7g

SKU: MDP5524856
 in stock

12.70  each

Easy-Flo Silver Solder Flux 30g

SKU: MDP5524854
 in stock

4.50  each

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