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Hand Planes Balsa Stripper and Blades

David Plane

David Plane

Ref: T-DT4

Brand: David

The most versatile razor plane money can buy, the 'Combi Plane' features a durable aluminium body and three blade positions - each offering fully adjustable blade heights. Perfect for shaping and smoothing both flat and concave surfaces - and even into corners. Supplied complete with two double sided blades.

  • A: Blade mounted in front position - perfect for shaping into corners
  • B: Blade mounted in rear position - perfect for shaping concave surfaces
  • C: Blade mounted in middle position - perfect for shaping flat surfaces

Price: £16.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Master Airscrew Balsa Stripper

Master Airscrew Balsa Stripper

Ref: MA4000

Brand: Master Airscrew

Master Airscrew Balsa Stripper

Cutting tool for balsa and soft craft wood strips. Easily cuts precision strips up to 1/2" wide.

Master Airscrew Balsa Stripper has been engineered to accurately cut balsa sheets up to 1/4" thick into strips up to 1/2" wide. The design has a lead screw with 32 threads per inch so that each turn of the wheel will move the blade 1/32 of an inch. Starting with the blade against the blade, four turns will produce a perfect 1/8" strip.

Uses Excel B11 Blades

Price: £9.80 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 10.99 - you save 11%

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Excel B11 Straight Blade No:1 Pk5

Trimming Plane

Trimming Plane

Ref: 5536185

Brand: JP

A low cost trimming plane superb for small wood jobs.

Price: £4.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

Excel K11 Metal Safety Scraper with 6 Blades

Excel K11 Metal Safety Scraper with 6 Blades

Ref: EXL16011

Brand: Excel

Excel K11 Metal Safety Scraper with 6 Blades

Key Features

Heavy duty metal frame that is sturdy and secure for safe, reliable use.

Rust resistant coating allows for premium performance during extended periods of heavy usage.

Retractable blade to protect blade during storage

Fits all standard size razor blades

Made in the USA

Includes 6 total 1.5x .75in thick steel backed single edge blades

Price: £4.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

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