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Choosing a Glow Plug

Glow Plugs come in different grades. They are usually indicated as a number or as hot, cool or medium rating. For most standard 2 stroke applications a medium to hot plug will be suitable, ie an Enya 3 or OS6 / OS8 . For a high reving engine, such as a performance model car or a ducted fan, then a cool glow plug should be used.

The hotter the plug the thinner the element and the cooler the plug the thicker the element.

A good indication is that if you have a performance hot engine you should buy cold plugs

Hot plugs promote better idling and acceleration. If your engine runs rough or accelerates sluggishly, a hotter plug will help.

Cold plugs produce more power and may improve performance if your engine runs hot. The downside is rougher idling and more difficulty in tuning.

OS No6 Glow Plug

SKU: L-OS71605300
 in stock

RRP 10.99 You Save 19%
8.90  each

OS No7 Glow Plug

SKU: L-OS71607100
 in stock

9.90  each

OS No8 Glow Plug

SKU: L-OS71608001
 in stock

RRP 10.99 You Save 10%
9.90  each

OS No 10 Glow Plug (A5) Cool

SKU: L-OS71605100
 in stock

RRP 14.99 You Save 10%
13.50  each

OS F Glow Plug

SKU: L-OS71615009
 in stock

RRP 14.99 You Save 9%
13.70  each

O.S. Glowplug Type G5

SKU: L-OS71655001
 in stock

RRP 17.99 You Save 8%
16.50  each

Spark Plug Gap Tool

SKU: T-TS202148
 in stock

1.90  each

NGK CM6 Spark Plug

 in stock

RRP 10.45 You Save 17%
8.70  each

RCJ7Y Champion Spark Plug

 in stock

4.90  each

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