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Aventus Glider Laser Pack

Aventus Glider Laser Pack
Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 1Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 2Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 3Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 4Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 5Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 6Aventus Glider Laser Pack - view 7

Ref: AventusLP

Brand: RCW

RC World are keeping things traditional with the release of the Aventus glider.

A true builders model, this laser pack contains all of the laser cut ply and balsa parts. to build the model. Additional balsa sheeting is required which is detailed on the Aventus Balsa Pack product.

Suitable for the intermediate builder and flyer, the Aventus has been designed and tested in house by RC World and part of our new range of aircraft.

So many options

With the Aventus you can build it as either a Slope Soarer, for towing with an Aerotow mechanism, electric powered and also the option of a traditional Tail plane with fin and rudder or a V Tail option. All these are included in the kit.

The Aventus is great at penetrating through the wind at the slope, aerobatics are effortless and a joy, the slow speed handling is still authorative on the controls and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

There is a built in towing release in the nose section for aerotowing from flat fields and now includes electric conversion parts making the Aventus far more versatile than just a slope soarer.

Wingspan 69" 1752mm

Fuselage length 45.5" 1156mm

The Aventus glider laser pack contains all the laser cut items required to build the glider along with a build manual.

Additional sheet and strip balsa is required which can be found below. We have seperated this from the kit as most builders will already have stock of balsa in the workshop.

Suitable Electric Setup

For the prototype models we have used the following equipment.

Quantum 2 15 or 20 or 25 motor

Beetles 30A ESC - 60A ESC to suit above motor and prop selection

Battery - 3s 11.1v 2200 to 2700mAh LiPo 30c

Propeller to suit motor, esc and battery choice,

With a Quantum 25 we used an 10x6 folding prop with a 50mm spinner and a 60amp esc, this setup also allowed us to try a 4s 2200 lipo which was extremly powerful and vertically out of site in seconds.

Price: £54.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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