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Aventus Hardware Pack

Aventus Hardware Pack

Ref: AventusHWP

Brand: RCW

Hardware on models is a personal choice, We have detailed below what we have used on our inhouse models

The Aventus hardware pack includes-

2x Snakes white outer orange inner

1x Pack4 M2 Inserts for snakes

1x Pair V Tail horns

1x Pair std horns for std tail

7x M2 Metal Clevis - 4x tail, 2x ailerons 1x release

3x M2 pushrods - 2x Ailerons 1x Release

1x Pk7 M2 Brass nuts for clevis

1x M5x25 Metal Wing bolt

1x M5 Penny washer for wing bolt

1x M5 Blind nut

1x Latch for Canopy

1x 6mm Wing seat tape

1x Pk12 CA Hinges 4x each aileron 2x each tail surface

1x Pack 2 Control Horn Small for Ailerons

Price: £18.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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