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Fuel Tube Clips, Clunks and Filters

Fuel Tube Clips 4.5mm dia

 in stock

1.00  each

DB677 Fuel Line Clip 3/32in

SKU: DB677
 in stock

RRP 3.20 You Save 13%
2.80  each

Fuel Tube Clips 5.5mm dia

 in stock

1.00  each

Fuel Tube Clips 6.5mm dia

 in stock

1.00  each

Metal Fuel Tube Clips Pk4 4mm

SKU: ACC0099
 in stock

1.45  each

Metal Fuel Tube Clips Pk4 5mm

SKU: ACC0100
 in stock

1.45  each

Metal Fuel Tube Clips Pk4 6mm

SKU: ACC0101
 in stock

1.45  each

Pk5 Fuel Filters

SKU: 5507450
 in stock

RRP 4.99 You Save 28%
3.60  each

RCW One Way Valve

SKU: RCW0289
 in stock

4.20  each

Petrol Clunk Weight Filtered

 in stock

RRP 5.99 You Save 8%
5.50  each

Large Tank Filter all Fuels

SKU: RCW0306
 in stock

4.40  each
RRP 9.30 You Save 19%
7.50  each

Felt Filter for Petrol

SKU: RCW0356
 in stock

1.70  each

Large Petrol Fuel Filter Sintered

SKU: 5508086
 in stock

RRP 6.98 You Save 18%
5.70  each

Felt Clunk Filter Anti Foam

SKU: 5508083
 in stock

3.50  each
RRP 5.40 You Save 17%
4.50  each

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