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Deluxe Materials Power Model 2T-S Oil 500ml

Deluxe Materials Power Model 2T-S Oil 500ml

Ref: V-LU01

Brand: Deluxe Materials

Deluxe Materials Power Model 2T-S Oil 500ml

Unable to ship outside of uk mainland

PowerModel 2T-S offers:

* Safer running at high temperature

* Maximum resistance to seizure & wear in extreme conditions

* Cleaner exhaust emissions

* Outstanding piston & cleanliness

* Outstanding throttle response

* Attractive odour

* Protection while the engine is switched off

* Outstanding fresh & saltwater corrosion protection

PowerModel 2T-S is a unique, full synthetic, high detergent 2 stroke oil. It works at all recommended ratios for 2 stroke gasoline air & water-cooled engines used in model aircraft, cars & boats. It can also be used in 4 stroke engines when the manufacturer recommends a good quality 2 stroke oil. It is specially designed to provide high temperature protection required for extreme conditions of sustained high power/rpm in restricted airflow conditions.PowerModel 2T-S is easily blended to give stable mixtures with leaded, unleaded and oxygenated gasolines (~20% ethanol) and recommended specially at 50/1 or in according to manufacturers recommendations.

Running in: Follow the engine manufacturer’s recommendation.

The first dedicated model engine oil that exceeds the film strength and cleanliness requirements of both JASO Japanese Automotive Standards Organization and American Petroleum Institute API TC global 2 stroke oil standards.

Suitable for 3W, DA, DLA, DLE, MOKI, OS, ZDZ, ZENOAH, NGH, MVVS, BME, & Saito engines at manufacturers recommended ratios.

Price: £18.50 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 20.5 - you save 10%

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