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Deluxe Materials Tricky Stick - 50ml

Deluxe Materials Tricky Stick - 50ml

Ref: S-SE63

Brand: Deluxe Materials

Tricky Stick allows cyano to bond difficult shiny plastics and foam. It is a multi-surface primer for EPP, EPO, Acetals, Fluorinated rubbers, silicones, polythene and polypropylene. It increases the versatility of cyano as a glue and improves its strength.

Simply brush Tricky Stick onto shiny surfaces and allow to dry. Apply your chosen cyano glue to one surface and quickly bring the joint together holding tightly until set. Tricky Stick is the ultimate product for bonding foam and plastics.

Price: £9.80 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 10.45 - you save 6%

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