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Digital Super Tachometer

Digital Super Tachometer

Ref: 4444430

Brand: JP

A low cost digital optical tachometer that is suitable for two or three blade propellers. Simply point at the spinning prop and read the engine rpm from the large LCD screen.

Measures engine RPM from 0-29,000 rpm in increments of 100rpm

Suits 2 or 3 blade propellers

9v dry battery included

***Please note using these indoors with a light on or where a mains AC light bulb is present may affect the reading, for accurate readings usage should be outdoors away from artificial light***

***Please also note these Tachos dont come with instructions and we have been asked for a how to guide on a tacho.!!!

Basically switch on the unit and ensure the lcd display shows some digits, select either two or three blade prop with the switch, with the engine / motor running and from behind the propellor advance the front of the tacho towards the prop until a reading is gained. Should a reading not be achieved please dont keep advancing forward to a point where it becomes dangerous!!!.***

Price: £19.20 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 20.99 - you save 9%

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