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Electric Retracts 60-120 Mains Set And Legs

Electric Retracts 60-120 Mains Set And Legs

Ref: 4406350

Brand: JP

Electric Retracts 60-120 Nose Set And Leg

The main retracts are supplied with coiled wire struts installed, plus adjustable axles, wheel collars, hex wrenches and a 3-into-1 wiring harness.

  • Current Draw at idle 5mA
  • Operating Current 900mA (Max)
  • Pulse width trigger points: Down 1.331ms, Up 1.690ms
  • Operation FM and DSM
  • Sequence Time: @4.8v 1.25sec, @6v 1.0sec, @7.4v 0.8sec
  • Operating Voltage 4.8v - 7.4v
  • Aircraft Weight 3.5kg - 6.8kg
  • Unit Weight 130g each

Price: £89.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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