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Folding Prop Set 9x5 Elec Flight

Folding Prop Set 9x5 Elec Flight

Ref: 5506987

Brand: JP

Folding Prop Set 9x5 Elec Flight

  • Motor Shaft Size - 4.0mm
  • Motor Shaft Fitting - Taper Pinch
  • Aerodynamic reinforced blades give the ultimate stiffness for unsurpassed flight performance. Complete with white plastic spinner and machined metal parts
  • Spinner size - 38mm
  • Max RPM - 12K

Please note the hex boss that fits into the plastic housing is a push compression fit during assembly, this is best done in a vice or clamp. These are an interference fit the hex will measure slightly oversize to allow a tight fit.

Price: £8.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

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