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O.S. FSa-56 II with F-4040 Silencer

O.S. FSa-56 II with F-4040 Silencer

Ref: L-OS34330

Brand: OS

Latest version of this popular sized, high-performance four-stroke engine.

Features a black rocker cover to suit the appearance in scale models better plus a revised oil breather system. The breather now vents from the crankcase rather than being re-ingested in the inlet, to improve running consistency.


Weight: 394g (13.9ozs)

Capacity: 9.32cc (0.569cu.in)

Bore: 24mm (0.945")

Stroke: 20.6mm (0.811")

Power Output: 1.0PS @ 10,000RPM

Practical RPM: 2400 - 13000 RPM

Price: £334.50 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 349.99 - you save 4%

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