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OS Engine MAX 46AXII w/E-3071 Silencer

OS Engine MAX 46AXII w/E-3071 Silencer

Ref: L-OS15490

Brand: OS

Designed to succeed the original 46AX, the new 46AX MkII retains the same mounting dimensions, but O.S. have updated the styling to bring it into line with the current range of AX engines. That means the introduction of the highly efficient and unique cooling fins to keep temperatures under control while the precision carburettor, with its angled needle valve keeping fingers safely away from the propeller disc, offers the linear response across the entire rpm range that you would expect from O.S. Optimised to produce its power at low rpms - and thanks to the highly effective Powerbox

silencer - the engine produces even less noise too.

The versatile new 46AX MkII is perfect for sports, aerobatic and scale applications. The amazing new 'P-Box' E-3070 Silencer is both distinctive in styling as well as being functional.

Price: £139.80 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 148.99 - you save 6%

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