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Pocket Size Micro Tachometer

Pocket Size Micro Tachometer

Ref: 4444435

Brand: JP

Macro Tacho Meter

Exquisite and revolutionary, the Mk2 micro tachometer is one of the most useful items you can have in your flight box. With its large clear digital display, using this Tacho is quick and easy so if you have a twin and you want to synchronise the engines or you want to optimise your RPM or just want to check the health of your motor then this little device will be priceless.

  • New Mk2 Micro Tacho
  • Measures - 2-9 Blade Props
  • RPM Range - 0 to 99.000
  • Memorises Maximum RPM
  • Auto Shut Off After 2 Minutes
  • Ultrabright LCD Display
  • Low Battery Warning and Prop Blade Number Display

***Please note using these indoors with a light on or where a mains AC light bulb is present may affect the reading***

Price: £19.50 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 21.99 - you save 11%

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