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Poly C 250ml

Poly C 250ml

Ref: PolyC250

Brand: RC World Ltd

*** Notice***Unfortunately the EU has banned a certain product that was in Poly-C so currently it is unavailable however we are currently conducting tests at RCW with a new mix and so far its looking promising but need to finalise the testing before releasing the product.

Poly-C now available in 250ml bottles which is ideal for covering small models or also perfect for fuel proofing tank bays and firewalls. Apply on tissue, nylon or glass cloth. Satin finish. Approx 250ml

Visit www.poly-c.com for instructions of use

Please Note we are unable to send this product overseas due to postage restrictions, We can only send this within the UK Mainland via courier

Price: £5.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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