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Poly C 500ml

Poly C 500ml

Ref: PolyC500

Brand: RC World Ltd

*** Notice***Unfortunately the EU has banned a certain product that was in Poly-C so currently it is unavailable however we are currently conducting tests at RCW with a new mix and so far its looking promising but need to finalise the testing before releasing the product.

Poly-C is a new, well established and very popular method of covering and is just what you need for a tough lightweight finish to just about any aircraft or boat. Apply on tissue, nylon or glass cloth. Satin finish Approx 500ml, Shake bottle before use.

Visit www.poly-c.com for instructions of use

Please Note we are unable to send this product overseas due to postage restrictions, We can only send this within the UK Mainland

Price: £10.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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