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RCEXL Tachometer

RCEXL Tachometer

Ref: RCEXL001

Brand: RCEXL

Rcexl™ Mini Tachometer Version 3.0 for use with Rcexl™ Ignitions. This device allows you to safely and easily see the RPM’s of your gas engine. Easy installation, simply plugs into your engines ignition sensor using a Y harness. Tachometer runs off the battery power already supplied to your ignition.

Remote Mounted LED Digital Display

No Battery Required

Standard Futaba Plug

Indicates Up To 30,000 RPM

10 Character Digital Display

Heavy Gauge Wire with Universal Connectors

Easy Installation

Light Weight


Input voltage range: 3.5v-8.4v

Current consumption: 25mA-60mA

Mini tachometer indicates>up to 30000 rpm

Actual RPM=Display Digital*10

Body size: 41mm L X 17mm W x 12mm H

Window size: 30mm L x 15mm H

Weight: 8.5g(0.30z)

Price: £15.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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