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Ripmax Quantum 40A SBEC Brushless ESC

Ripmax Quantum 40A SBEC Brushless ESC

Ref: P-QESC40S

Brand: Quantum

This Quantum II 40A electronic speed controller is designed to keep electric flight easy, reliable and offer great value for money. Designed with reliabaility in mind the Quantum II ESC use quality components and is ready to install and use from the packet.

It is quick to 'plug and play' and works without any programming but you can program it using 'Beep' audio system or the Quantum II ESC program card but this isn't needed in normal use. The programmable features include Brake (On/Off), Battery Type (NiMH/LiPo), Low Voltage Cut Off (Low/Medium/High), Motor Timing (Low/Medium/High), Acceleration Startup Mode (Soft/Medium/Hard), Governor (Off/On) and Motor Rotation (Forward/Reverse).

Compatible with the new generation of HV Li-pos (4.35v peak voltage)

It comes pre-soldered ready to use with the most popular connectors. A 'T' style male connector ready for use with many batteries such as those from Hi-Energy Extreme and 3.5mm female gold connectors for the motor.

• Suits 2-6S Li-Po batteries

• 5V 5A Switch BEC to power your radio

• 'T' style connector presoldered to battery wires

• 3.5mm gold connector presoldered to battery wires

• HV Li-Po compatable


Connectors: 'T' style & 3.5mm Gold (Inc.)

Weight: 64g

B.E.C. (Voltage/Amps): 5V 5A

Max. Continuous Current (Amps): 40A

Dimensions: 77 x 30 x 20mm

LiPo: 2 - 6S

NiCad/Ni-MH: 5 - 18

Price: £27.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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