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Ripmax WOT4 Foam-E Mk2+ ARTF

Propeller 11 x 8 WOT4 Foam-E

SKU: E-CF020/13
 in stock

6.70  each

Wot 4 Foam-E Wing Bolts Upgrade Pk4

SKU: FoamE-WingBolts
 in stock

0.98  each

Spinner - WOT4 Foam-E

SKU: E-CF020/17
 in stock

3.50  each

Propeller Adaptor - WOT4 Foam-E

SKU: E-CF020/18
 in stock

6.50  each
RRP 109.99 You Save 46%
59.50  each

Ripmax WOT4 Foam-E - 9g Servo

SKU: P-CF020/15
 in stock

13.50  each

Ripmax WOT4 Foam-E Wheels

SKU: Z-CF020/07
 in stock

3.98  each

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